Project_Tamara Giorgevska

Resilence: a vertical garden

How do we see the vertical garden? We see it as a monument to liberty and cultural /ethnic diversity, which represent society over the last few centuries. The installation consists of 2 parts, the vertical garden and the bench attached to the wall. Both parts have a certain symbolic meaning and practical use as well. Herbs suited to the local climates (rosemary, basil, mint) represent different cultures.

Ivy plants are synonymous with persistence, as shown by various people from Macedonia throughout the centuries. It is a very resistant plant for urban spaces and very suited to the local climates.

Colourful flowers express the national and ethnic diversity of people living in this piece of land.

Herbs and flowers are seasonal plants and will disappear after one season, while the ivy remains and spreads.

The bench resembles a grave, a coffin, although it was built in a very modern style. However, if this is not explicitly pointed out, people will not notice this resemblance.

The bench is a place where citizens can sit and where flowers and resistant plants are positioned in public space.

The whole installation is made of metal plates painted black / antacid and the light colour of pine wood impregnated with natural oil or varnish.

Vertical Garden - Concept 1