The Graz-based female artist-duo RESANITA has for several years now dealt with temporary disturbances that create awareness within the urban landscape, together with nomadic, collective processes, various forms of land-art as well as live performances rooted in subjective myths from a feminist point of view.

Their stage is quite often public space, which produces living art. These interventions can be seen in the tradition of Street Art as well as a platform for a participative counterculture.

RESANITA’s flexible and spontaneous collaborations represent safe places to express opinions and encourage interpersonal communication. Curator Adam Budak calls this situation “informal, shelter-like or safe stations to express views without fear of political reprisal” and “microorganisms that stimulate the cultural and social aspects of life”. RESANITA also stands for an unconventional transfer of nature. The scenes of the “living art” depict a vegetative-cozy adventure-parcours. The constructed, narrative environment displays atmospheric density, familiarity and intimacy. These perceptive areas are a combination of autobiographical stories and a discrete critique of civilization. Playing with forms, productions and various layers of meaning they invoke a light touch in dealing with elementary themes of independence and (self) irony.