Bio_Igor Petković

Visual artist, author, cultural manager and researcher; born in the Austrian Alps in 1976; lives and works in Graz, Novi Sad, Pula and others; studied Slavic studies, cultural science and photography in Graz, Belgrade, Novi Sad and Ljubljana; participates in international solo and group exhibitions and realizes international interdisciplinary projects and intercultural manifestations. He is the founder of APORON21 – Association of arts, cultures and sciences, :[ITSCH]: productions, NEW SAD PRODUCTION and ARTEBRE, founding member of SCHAUMBAD – freies Atelierhaus Graz; winner of the Outstanding Artist Award 2015 of the Bundeskanzleramt Austria; recently released photobook Das Franz Ferdinand Prinzip – Warum der Erste Weltkrieg wirklich begann in Edition Lammerhuber.

Petković works on a variety of socially and politically committed, intercultural art and cultural projects and transdisciplinary research fields. In his work he explores contemporary, artistic-scientific expressive possibilities, visionary life-realities, Dionysian-Apollonian event spaces, pop-cultural phenomena of the Zeitgeist, and historical and iconographic conditions.

He tackles socially relevant topics in order to examine them in terms of their scientific-artistic and social content and to interpret them in a contemporary understanding. Thus he develops artistic (counter) strategies on topics such as life realities and migration, identities and intercultural exchange, alternative social, economic, ecological and political processes, open remembrance culture, free knowledge transfer and phenomena of pop and subculture.

His stylistic means are choreographed artivism, iconography of collective memory, guerrilla art actions, mythical hyperrealism, poet portraits and sublim cinema, the respective media and formats always being developed from the stringency of the artistic conception.

In his photographic works, films, space-grabbing installations, performances, interventions, exhibition projects and overall events, he interweaves transdisciplinary and multimedial approaches to supporting knowledge levels.