Bio-Maryam Mohammadi

Maryam Mohammadi is a documentary and stage photographer. She taught at the Tehran University of Arts for many years, and has exhibited widely in Iran and in Europe. She has lived in Graz since 2009, where she received the city Art Funds Prize. She is currently finishing her PhD, on the theme of “Photography and Feminism”. Her work focuses on how social, cultural and religious conditions at both local and global levels affect women, migrants and “newcomers”. Also, how these effects are inscribed into their biographies and identities. Occasionally she is also an illustrative object to reflect her process of socialization in different societal systems. She is co-founder of the “Daily Rhythm Collective”, and for the last few years she has worked in intercultural youth centers, feminist adult education, women and migrant counseling. Since 2015 she has been part of the Graz Women’s Council.