Since ten years, XENOS is working on an interdisciplinary way of thinking and working to promote socio-cultural diversity in contemporary society and its history of art and culture. We rely on a wide range of methods and numerous cooperations. With its innovative projects, artistic contributions, social commitment and cultural-scientific knowledge, XENOS has developed a distinctive profile.

In recent years, XENOS has greatly expanded its activities in the field of art. This works with a strong socio-political background include projects in cooperation with:

  • steirischer herbst („Winter in Herbst“ 2008, „Marienplatz“ 2010, „Recycled History“ 2015, „New Graz“ 2016);
  • Forum Stadtpark ( „Pecunia non olet“, „Grenzkonflikte“);
  • art festival “Regionale” („Vom Diwan in den Sattel“ and part of „Fremdsehen“);
  • and other institutions (i.e. screen magazine „Messages Repeated“ in the KZ Aflenz; group exhibitions „Annenviertel“ and „Alle die hier sind, sind von hier“ from <rotor>)

In addition, XENOS has realized several projects, such as „Toys on Tour“ (2009-2011), as well as „Flußwege und Tabakstraßen“ (2014), exhibited in Graz and Sarajevo.

Current art projects include the photo and video exhibition „We Together – Female Views of a World from the Middle East to the Far West“